# God existence proof (Violet) (2021/09/07)

In here I will give another proof of God’s existence, now from a cognitive point of view, the reason considering the more abstract aspect of existence, the self (logic[blue] plus abstract[red] hence violet).

Atheism - To have God or to be God

The post is in another website and in brazilian portuguese but you can use google translate (or deep translate which is quite good) to read.

# God existence proof (Blue) (2021/01/11)

In here I will try to prove you that God exists. This is the first proof of two that I plan to do. This one considers a purely logical reality (hence blue); also for being purely logical isn’t the ideal one, but enough to make one think.



In here the reality will be considered the deterministic one from classical physics (God doesn’t play dice).

Reality is given as a cascade of reactions, from the initial big bang to now, actions and reactions determinates what happened, what happens, and what will happen.


A reaction, by definition, must be preceded by a(n) (re)action, what creates two problems:

As an action can only be taken from a being, the “first” moment must be conscious and to be the “first” must be from outside of time, timeless. That’s God.

Proof of Qualities

Proof of Non-Qualities:

# NetBSD sleep bug (2020/11/23)